Resume 2.0 – Who are you online?

Ok. Yes. I have been neglecting my blog. Being BUSY is totally understated lately.

Brendan’s recent post shows this blog declining in activities, (currently at spot 39, declining at -20… ) but an increase in “sociability” This just means, I still “socialised” online somewhere, just that I did not update my blog!

Two weeks ago, I was also reminded by a call from an event organiser about my neglected blog. The organiser was trying to invite someone from my company to speak at an event and he went to my colleague and then for some reason, did some search on me and found my blog. In our first conversation over the phone, he said, “ah! i did my research and read from your blog that you are a very busy girl….”

And I went … “erm….”

Although this blog is totally public and nothing scandalous to hide, it suddenly felt strange that people are searching for you online before doing business with you. It reminds me of the fact that people DO search and read up on you nowadays online. Employers do. Recruiters definitely do. Employees do too (I searched for my currently bosses before I met them for interviews), together with many known or unknown people who are online.

I was reading Daryl’s blog post on “Your Online Identity (Or Is It Okay To Have Party Pictures On Facebook) and Brian Solis’ posts on The socialization of your personal brand Part 1,2 and 3.

Brian wrote:

… Truth be told, any search engine, whether social or traditional, is the resume – it’s the Wikipedia entry for the rest of us. It’s no longer what we decide to curate onto a piece of paper or onto one traditional one-page digital resume. It really is moot in a world when anyone can practically piece together your story without the help of a document designed to shape and steer our perception.

In Daryl’s post, he highlighted that in a class of 459 people, 75% of them said yes to using Facebook to screen prospective employees if they were an employer.

That leads me to think, perhaps in the near future, there is no longer a need to submit formal and properly crafted resumes but to send over links of your social networks for employers’ reference. Better still, assume that the recruiters and employers have “done their homework” to have searched for you online and by the time they called you, they have a fairly good idea of you are


Other very interesting read:

Your Brand vs. the Brands You Represent by Brian Soli


7 thoughts on “Resume 2.0 – Who are you online?

  1. I think it’s one of those things that really only hits you when it happens (as in your case) or you see that it’s really prominent among your peers (in my case).

    But yes, it’s new and maybe scary at the same time that more than ever our “digital footprint” that we leave behind will be of great importance to our lives either personally or professionally.

  2. Yeah, this is a trend that I think will definitely continue to spread.

    I think Scott Ginsberg hit the nail on the head with his post last year: He basically says that “your resume is most effective when someone OTHER than you writes it.”. And in today’s world, with search engines and all, there are definitely lots of other sources.

    Scary or not? Well, yes it is, in a way. But personally, I actually think of it more as a great opportunity. It becomes so much easier to establish credibility and build connections. So yeah, while it is scary and you have to be careful about what you put online, it also provides a great opportunity.

  3. Daryl, I was just thinking… in much earlier days, communicating/ chatting online is about creating another separate “online identity”.

    People were worried about how spending too much time online will create social issues ie: isolate oneself too much and lose the face to face communications skills etc. Now, it’s probably about brushing up those communications and creating an identity online that positively reflects your offline identity…

  4. Derrick, thanks for sharing those interesting links. Today, i was looking at my blog’s dashboard and searches that end up in this blog, a couple of them were actually searching for “priscilla tan yaho pr”. Heh. Sometimes, it makes me wonder who these people are…

  5. Hear ye hear ye! As an employer who has done numerous interviews (my team is now approaching 15 and will grow to about 20 in future), the online world is one of the first place I go to in order to suss out a candidate.

    Resumes can be professionally written and interviews can be polished with various techniques. But what you do online can never be erased (well almost) since the Internet (or google cache) never forgets.

    Incidentally, job offers can also come purely from one’s online presence without so much as single glance at your resume. I should know… 😉

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