P.R.I.S.C.I.L.L.A – that’s my name

I was flipping The Sunday Times earlier and came across an article about people having weird names such as “Pepper, Bright, Twelve” etc.  A few weeks back, a friend told me a funny name of another friend, (pronounced Ab-Ce-Did), spelt – ABCD. I thought that was quite erm.. creative. Another friend’s friend called herself “Christmas”.

My pastor had named me “priscilla”, a name found in the bible (in book of ACTS)  during baptism and sometimes, I wished he had given me a shorter name like EVE, EvA, ANNA. Names that people will not mis-pronounced or try to shorten because, they are too lazy to spell in full.  

Over the years, I have gotten used to friends (new or old) who try to pronounce, spell my name as “precelia, priscela, presillia …. “and many other variations. As much as I do not really like it shortened as “Pris”, I figured, that is an acceptable and easy to remember version.

However, recently some folks had even gone to an extend of just calling me P.T. I totally hated it and contemplated telling them off. I think it’s just rude to send an email addressing someone as “hi PT”, without even knowing if she even like being addressed that way. There are some friends who have long Chinese names and deliberately picked out either the middle or last name, ie: my best friend prefer us to call her “YEN” which is the last character of her chinese name.

I was complaining to a friend earlier about this and he said, “haha, imagine if your name is Lenny Lee. Shorten it, becomes “Hey L.L” (folks who understand Hokkien, will know what it means).” 

So, I told Jon that maybe i should just add a nice and short middle name like a “Priscilla EVE Tan” and call myself EVE.

When I got the chance to help my parents name my little brother when he was born. I named him KEN.

Food for thought… when you start naming your kids.


21 thoughts on “P.R.I.S.C.I.L.L.A – that’s my name

  1. Ha ha… i have the same problem sometimes. People shorten my name to “Mich”… which sounded too feminine. I dun mind Mike or Mic.. but Mich?

    Anyways… i feel your pain.


  2. You know, if you’re gonna give yourself a name in this internet age, it might pay to have it unique so its easy to Google. This is like branding or even self-SEO. =) Easy for people to find you, easy for you to find out what others are saying about you.

    Other than that sudden thought, I’m thankful short for Benjamin is Ben.

  3. Haha luckily my name is short enough not to require a short form! But anyone in the office who has a name longer than 5 letters has initials to make life easier (and confusing for newcomers like me).

  4. Hha. Anyone ever calls you “B”? In BUffy the vampire slayer, Faith in the show called her “B”.

    But see, B is fine. P is not. P sounds like “pee”

  5. Daryl, I tend to spell your name wrongly. Everytime, i comment on your blog, i have to double check. haha. Maybe short form “Dee” for yours? *grins*

    Hey! if only your name or mine starts with “E” .. like Eve tan or Edison Tay. then the initials will be E.T!

    That’s not too bad.

  6. On the subject of names, I do get my fair share of nicknames, some nice and some not so. They include Walt, Wally, Walts, but thankfully not Walnut. I am cool with short forms of my name so long as they are not derogatory or vulgar.

  7. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  8. A friend of mine found your blog and told me that I HAD to check it out. Well we do share a common name ! And I also complain a lot about people who mispronounce my name. That happens all the time. But I never wished for another name. I like my name. I grew up in Paris and I was the only Priscilla at school. French people aren’t so obsessed by nicknames so usually they try to call me by my full name – though 99% of the time they get it wrong. Some friends call me Prisci which is fine with me. US friends call me Pris – I’m not really fond of that one as it’s too similar to Chris. Family members call me Pripri – no idea why but it stuck. I hate being called PT as it sounds like the word “fart” in French. Funny you mentioned ET as my sister’s name is Elisa Tan. She gets the E.T all the time !!!

  9. Hey! My name is Priscilla! I’ve only met one person with my name before!! 😀 And suprisingly, I have plenty of nicknames! For instance, my friends and family call me ‘Silly’ or ‘Ceely’ and at school they call me ‘CeCe’ or ‘Cilla’. My uncle calls me ‘Prissycat’….because he is a meanie. ha, I’m Priscilla Blackwood. Nice to meet you and other Priscillas out there! 🙂

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