No Flaming. Just Good Old Intelligent Posts

Recently, the local blogosphere is acting up and started some entertaining “flames”.

Wikipedia: Flaming is the hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users.

I was “entertained” for a very short while and decided that, time will be better spent reading some good old intelligent posts. Going through my hundreds of RSS feeds had been something I did on a daily basis some months ago. Work has taken over those time and I can only scan briefly over some news blogs lately. Today, I managed to get home earlier than usual and spent some time in front of my netnewswire.

Something crossed my mind, I remembered how mummy used to say to me when I was young, “read good books. read the classics. leave out the junk and those with bad writing.” When I grew up, she said, “Some magazines are worth the time, others obviously not. Don’t waste your money.” I totally love trashy chick-lits and the gossip magazines. BUt I have been good, I have got piles of C.S Lewis and George Eliot on my shelves, together with many other great books (all thanks to Jon, spoiling me and filing the shelves with books). If only mummy is more tech savvy, she would be telling me now to “go to bed and not waste time reading silly blog posts.”

For some reasons, I find that this blog is read by mostly communications students, PR folks and lecturers (I know, because you guys are nice enough to comment and email me) – both locally and in other countries. So, I thought, perhaps it might be good to share a couple of great blogs that have great writing and unique views (that mummy would have approved) and that I have enjoyed reading:-

Here goes…

Jeremy Pepper’s POP! PR JOts. One of my favourite posts in his – What does the P in PR stand for?. It was a fairly old post but READ IT!

Brendan Cooper, the friendly social media planner. All time favourite is his monthly PR blog index. Imagine those great effort of analysing and pulling together 100 PR blogs every month and ranking them. (And yes, my blog has been slipping every month, heh.. can’t blame anyone except for my lack of posts and activities) but otherwise, this guy has got some real cool stuff (social, new media and PR) in the blog.

I enjoyed almost everything in Brian Solis’ PR 2.0. Enough said.

I found David Meerman Scott’s Web Ink Now after I read his great book and have been a big fan of his ever since. So, check out both the blog and the book, esp. if you are into communication, new media or marketing.

Next, a very good friend, Kevin Lim directed me to Paul Stamatiou’s blog last year. Paul’s blog is not exactly into PR or marketing but more on tech. If you are into web 2.0 and new technologies, this 22 year-old blogger is definitely worth checking out! My favourite post recently is his review on WALLLLLLL….EEEEEE. I love Wall.E

And not forgetting my dear friend, Kevin Lim. He covers almost – EVERYTHING. His blog covers mainly technology, but be surprised and find different interesting observations from kevin! BTW, my blog is set up with huge help from him! Theory.isthereason is probably one of those blogs that I spent most time reading and commenting on. A search in his blog for my name, finds previous posts and stuff we discussed and commented on. He is currently in Buffalo and many of us back in Singapore is looking forward to him coming home!

That’s all for now! Happy reading!


6 thoughts on “No Flaming. Just Good Old Intelligent Posts

  1. Thx Priscilla! Oh, since we’re on the subject of recommending excellent blogs, I’ve always been a fan of…

    Steve Rubel… he gives Public Relations the geek factor. He inspired me to write one of my most popular posts: “From to WordPress: How to automatically post daily links“.

    Yong Fook… half Singaporean Chinese, half British, total designer geek living in Tokyo. If I were of the other gender, I’d wanna have his babies.

    Finally, some-one (or two) youngbloods in the local blogosphere. Gerald Ang and Kelvin Lee, both guys I met during my FrontalLabs progressive dance music days, now run which is their venture into marketing and social media. They’re fresh, opinionated and they put up interviews with local web startups. Pops to them!

    Tata! ;P

  2. Good recommendations there and glad to see you back in the blogging scheme of things. Yeah, I am trying hard to get my second life back too!

    Am currently in the midst of reading the Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, which is totally unrelated to social marketing but gives one lots of food for thought. Oh and I may be studying… but more of that in my email.

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