I Love Audio Books

Most of my friends know that I am a huge bookworm. Both Jon and I are regulars at Kinokuniya bookstore in Singapore and Amazon is our favourite online store. When Kindle was launched, I really wanted to get it but I held back. My handbag is currently filled with all kinds of little gadgets (I tend to carry two ipods and several mobile phones). I don’t think I’ll be able to carry one more device.

So, the last couple of months, I have started buying audio books. It all started with me being really busy with work and traveling a lot. Reading a book on the plane gives me headache. I can’t really read when I am in a cab too. I used to read 2-3 hours per night but lately, I am so tired after work, the moment my head hits the bed, I go into dreamland. Audio books became the “solution!” I convert all the tracks to MP3 and save them onto my iPods. Easy! No need to drag a pile of books with me when I travel or go for holiday and no need to bring additional “reading gadget.” I can now pack 10 “books” or more with me everyday and listen to them while I am commuting or when I wait for hours at airports.

In my last post on Social Media books, a lot of those books are also available in audio cds. I did a quick check on Wikinomics and The Cluetrain Manifesto and they have the audio version!

What I also like about audio books is, it reminds me of childhood – when Mum and Dad used to read to us (my younger brother and I) before bed time. And then, they tend to stop half way into the story and insisted that we should be sleeping. I love having people read to me. Oh! I have an audio version of the NKJV Bible too. Being a church-goer and a fan of a female preacher, Joyce Meyer, I have been stocking up her audio books recently, as well as C.S Lewis’s.

Maybe I am wrong, but I don’t think audio books are really popular in Asia, specifically in Singapore (where I am based now). I can hardly find any audio books at the retail stores. The only few i found are from BORDERS and they are really expensive. The good thing is, iTunes has a really good selection and there is always the wonderful Amazon.

I am not saying I am giving up books (in print) or magazines (that are not available in cds), I am glad that I am enjoying the alternative to reading books!

Interesting read:-

Last year, New York Times reported on a budding author who recorded a short audiobook for her unfinished print. The audiobook climbed to the top of iTunes’ best-selling books after she appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

I think all new books from now on should have the unabridged audio version!


12 thoughts on “I Love Audio Books

  1. Hi Priscilla,

    You might be interested in Librivox – http://librivox.org/. This takes out-of-copyright texts and enables users to submit their own recordings into the public domain. So, you won’t get the latest in tech but you might just get a classic – for free!

  2. Audio, or online books for that matter, will never replace real books. I think I’d still prefer good old fashioned books. I love the touch and texture of paper and crisp pages, and the smell of a new book. 😀

    I realised I hardly like to read books on social media, PR etc! I much prefer fiction, design and certain christian books. I’m now reading ‘Brida’ by one of my fav authors Paul Coelho.

  3. Audio Books are a great way to spend dead, boring times like traffic jams, long waits at airports etc. or while exercising , jogging , during long trips and whenever you feel like just laying back and relaxing.

    Experience for yourself how listening to a book can be fun, relaxing and a truly great way to enjoy a great book without having to read pages and pages of boring and eye straining text.

    You’ll never have a boring moment throughout your day when you listen to brilliantly narrated books from your favorite writers . Or may be you prefer to learn a new language without having to read and memorize.

    Audio books make it possible to make great use of those formerly unproductive minutes and hours while giving you great fulfillment and joy.

    And now a days with the advent of high speed internet and mp3 players you can download your favorite audio book and start listening in a matter of minutes without having to go out to the book store and hope to find an audio book that interest you on tape or cd.

    Also the fact that bookstores usually have a very limited titles on audio books where as on the internet there is an endless supply of titles , subjects and authors to choose from that you can instantly download and listen to in the comfort of your home, in my opinion, it’s just amazing.

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  5. I like buying audiobooks from audible.com but some times these publishers don’t let you buy some books from outside the US, thats the only disappointing thing.

  6. @ Brendan, thanks for link. will check that out!

    @ Stan – to some point, i agree with you. I still like to flip my glossy magazines and lie in bed to read my favourite novel. I guess it’s a “mood” thing, there are times, listening to the audio books is just so convenient and no need to drag along thick books when i travel

    @ Preetam – nice to hear from you. 🙂 glad to find fellow audiobook lovers.

  7. Hi –

    I am working with BBC Audiobooks America to launch an Audiobook Club. I’m in the process of trying to find some like-minded bloggers to help them get the word out.

    I am attaching their press release for you to look over, but essentially it is an online book club open to anyone that will culminate in an online discussion to take place at the end of the month via their Facebook Group page. The first audiobook selection is Jaws by Peter Benchley – just in time for some summer “reading”.

    Their group page is located here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=79812459707

    Do you think this might be some fodder on your blog? I’d really appreciate any boost you might be able to give! Thanks so much for your consideration!

    Pam Maloney

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