Bloggers: Quantity VS Quality

Blame it on work. I have been unable to do much outside of work. Now that I am taking a short break, I can start writing..

Several topics and thoughts went through my mind the last few days and I shall try to jot them down in this and next couple of posts.

One of my colleagues came to Singapore from Sunnyvale to work on a project with me and we had a chat about how different the bloggers are in Singapore VS those in the U.S . He was highly amused at the “type” of bloggers that show up at events and the things they blog about.

I was discussing the same topic with another friend who commented that, perhaps the blogosphere here is not as sophisticated and generally still revole around recreational writing rather than niche blog posting. For example, I have always been trying to find influential technology experts who blog and have a healthy traffic in Singapore. I can only think of, perhaps 2-3 right now. If i am a client, trying to reach out to tech bloggers here, i have extremely limited options and would probably end up raeching out to tier 2 (and slightly less tech-savvy) bloggers.

I guess, this post is also directed to the social media consultants who are constantly advising clients to include bloggers outreach in PR/ marketing campaigns. It is definitely more than relationship building with the bloggers, we need to also know what we want to tell and WHO we want to tell it to.

Why would I want a popular food blogger (who might have 20,000 readers) whose interest is in food, restaurant reviews and receipes to try force a new high-tech application launch to his face and get him/ her to write about it?

If i am announcing a business strategy, why would i get a 17-year-old blogger (regardless of how popular his blog is) who writes in broken English to review our announcement?

Reach is one thing, influence is another. Quality (as in targeted audience and type of blogs) is definitely key. As a client, if i were to hold a bloggers outreach event (ie: in the office), to launch a new product, I would probably love to read/ hear about what the bloggers think of the product, ask intelligent questions about it and even if the post is controversial/ negative, at least it helps the client /company understand what users are thinking. What a client probably doesn’t necessary need is the blogger’s thoughts about the furniture, the carpet, the toilet signboard or the noodles he/she ate during the event and no mention about the product. When this happen, I can’t help but wonder where the problem lies.

Some interesting blog posts:-

Brendan Hodgson wrote about “There’s more to digital PR than social media

Brian Solis on “Making Mistakes and Amends in Blogger and Media Relations

Kevin Lim’s (non-social media post) but a hot topic on iPhone in Singapore


11 thoughts on “Bloggers: Quantity VS Quality

  1. I guess we need more time to slowly mature to become a professional blogger. In the meantime, everyone is just writing as a hobby. So you usually see blogs that writes about basically everything.

  2. At the same time, companies should also recognise that not every blogger is a fit. Just because they can do blogger relations doesn’t mean they should, or jump into it and whack everyone who has a blog.

    I’ve had a number of emails last week getting me to go for some events which are totally unrelated to my niche. Not to mention very spammy. I made the exact comparison to food bloggers blogging about tech. The fit is just not there, so why bother?

    ps: glad to see a new blog post!!

  3. I don’t think Singapore appreciates professional bloggers as compared to those in the US. The reason is that a lot of the companies in Singapore that adopts social media still tends towards bloggers who are controversial.

  4. Haa. Daryl, glad that I have some time to write too! Seems like great minds think alike, i totally agree with your thoughts, thus the post’s title of focusing on quality and not just targeting whoever out there.

    Dk, nice meeting you last week again. You’re probably right… it takes time to “mature” but there are more and more quality bloggers out there. They might not have the A-listed branding but they know their stuff and have valuable insights.

    Hey Bernard!! Long time, my friend. Great to hear from you. Ha. I like bloggers who are intelligent and know their stuff! My stuff! :0

  5. Open question: Should bloggers create blogs focused on specific topics or write about anything in life as most of us do? What if a foodie likes cars? Stick to food or blog both?

    Don’t have an answer, just throwing it open.

  6. Yay! This blog is back! Hahaha, thank god CommunicAsia is over!

    I guess to compensate for the lack of sophistication and number of tech bloggers, the message might have to be tailored to them. If the product isn’t too techy and allows these ‘diary’ bloggers to use them on a functional level, that’s great!

    But then again, these ppl probably wouldn’t be the early adopters. I’ll probably just use them if the product is starting to gain mass appeal. Till then, maybe Singapore should just stick to the online and printed articles to raise awareness.

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  8. I might be wrong but I believe another part of the problem is people blogging for the purpose of getting fame and money (partly thanks to the media promoting the amount of money power bloggers like Xiaxue and Mr Brown are making). Hence when they blog, they tend to focus not so much on their own passion but controversial things to attract traffic.

  9. That is an interesting point, Su Yuen. I have nothing against monetisation, but i definitely believe in passion when it comes to blogging. If you talk to Brown, he is quite passionate about what he does and blog on things he believes in. Shall reserve other comments about other blogger/s.

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