Flickring away

I was given free upgrade to Flickr pro account two weeks ago (one of the great perks of being staff). I am in the process of (still) downloading the images from the Vegas/ SF trip. Work has taken up quite a bit of time but no, I am not giving up this blog (yet).

I noticed that a lot of bloggers are spending less time blogging but continue to be “social” on other networks such as twitter, facebook and flickr. Sometimes, I find my flickr pictures receiving more comments and views than my blog posts. I guess, the good old saying of “a picture paints a thousand words” is the reason why many people (myself included) start spending a little more time putting up our favourite pictures that document our interests and life.

A quick look at my current flickr, you can almost tell Jon and my obsession with monkeys.

A couple of weeks back, I read in The New York Times:

As part of an effort to expand access to its photograph collections and tap the collective knowledge of user-generated content, the Library of Congress Wednesday launched a pilot project with photo-sharing site Flickr to publish some 3,000 photos.

The key goals of this pilot project named The Commons are to firstly give you a taste of the hidden treasures in the huge Library of Congress collection, and secondly to show how your input of a tag or two can make the collection even richer.

My friend, Ivan Chew wrote a fantastic post about it at his Rambling Librarian blog. (read more here, especially the part about whether community blogging will work).


3 thoughts on “Flickring away

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