My starting point @ Yahoo!

A friend asked me, “You must be feeling really sh**ty about your new job now…all those uncertainties and distractions… do you regret your decision to move to the new place?”


I have been avoiding speculations or engage in any form of discussions about some topics lately…


I also didn’t want to turn this blog into a “publicity channel” for whatever I am doing at work. I still would like to keep this blog as a platform for explorations on PR, new media, technology as well as my favourite topic – books!


However, I did think about my friend’s question and here’re my thoughts…. Hell no! No regrets at all. Although I admit, there are days that are tougher, what is really special about my new job is, people are extremely passionate about what they are doing at Yahoo! It is a very different experience. I had my fair share of bad clients and bad colleagues in the past jobs who made going to work feels like the end of the world.


Right now, I am busy. This is easily one of the busiest jobs I ever had but I am loving it! In my very short time (this is my 6th week) with the company, I can’t help but noticed a few things about the place – what I was told before I joined the company was true… it has a great culture. Beside the great view at my work desk (next to the full-length glass window, on the 37th floor of Suntec City Tower), I love working with alot of truly great, talented and extremely cool people.


Sure, it is sad to read some negative news coverage but what I find encouraging is, everyone works together and despite tough times, we are having fun and we work hard to achieve what we set out to do.


And this week, we see some great results as Yahoo! made various announcements at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. One of which is the new Yahoo! oneConnect (read more on TechCrunch) and read what many others wrote.. .


A few of the innovative features of oneConnect are its Pulse feature, which lets users see what their friends are up to, including their status, profile updates and recommendations based on their social network pages, and Status, which lets users see their contacts by their most recent status updates on social networks, as well as update their own status on their social networks and automatically broadcast it to their friends” – RCR WirelessNews


Yahoo continues firing on all cylinders in the mobile area despite the looming presence of Microsoft‘s aggressive moves to acquire the Web giant.” – InternetNews

“oneConnect is a very promising and I’m not surprised Yahoo is moving ahead,” Gartner analyst Mike McGuire told “Yahoo can’t be paralyzed by what Microsoft says it wants to do — it has these developments and deals in place and as [CEO] Jerry Yang has said to his employees, they have to focus on what they need to work on.”

“Has Yahoo beaten Google to the punch?” – TechWorld


“OneConnect is part of a strategy to open up Yahoo services to work side by side with those of rival services, thereby making itself a more relevant starting point for users seeking to find what’s going on the web.” ZDNet UK

On a side note, the coming Monday is my 30th birthday. To me, it is a brand new chapter of life – a new starting point to more great things. I have a lot of goals set for the next 5 years and I have been very blessed. I am surrounded by great friends, colleagues and family who have been so awfully wonderful. Thank you to all those who sent me all the lovely birthday wishes, gifts and stuff!



Flickring away

I was given free upgrade to Flickr pro account two weeks ago (one of the great perks of being staff). I am in the process of (still) downloading the images from the Vegas/ SF trip. Work has taken up quite a bit of time but no, I am not giving up this blog (yet).

I noticed that a lot of bloggers are spending less time blogging but continue to be “social” on other networks such as twitter, facebook and flickr. Sometimes, I find my flickr pictures receiving more comments and views than my blog posts. I guess, the good old saying of “a picture paints a thousand words” is the reason why many people (myself included) start spending a little more time putting up our favourite pictures that document our interests and life.

A quick look at my current flickr, you can almost tell Jon and my obsession with monkeys.

A couple of weeks back, I read in The New York Times:

As part of an effort to expand access to its photograph collections and tap the collective knowledge of user-generated content, the Library of Congress Wednesday launched a pilot project with photo-sharing site Flickr to publish some 3,000 photos.

The key goals of this pilot project named The Commons are to firstly give you a taste of the hidden treasures in the huge Library of Congress collection, and secondly to show how your input of a tag or two can make the collection even richer.

My friend, Ivan Chew wrote a fantastic post about it at his Rambling Librarian blog. (read more here, especially the part about whether community blogging will work).