My first CES

I’ve heard so much about Vegas and I’ve watched CSI and many other movies, set in this colourful city. This is the first time I am here and when people asked me, “so, how was it? Exciting!!??”

Sure! It was really exciting for about two days then I started to dread being here. If not for work and CES, I would love to be home right now. It is cold, dry (and I mean, very dry) and despite the gorgeous fountain at the Bellagio, the fancy “Paris”, “New York” hotels and casinos and the grandeur of the MGM, it is a city without much culture and everything is just man-made. I did, however, enjoyed myself at the Cirque du Soleil shows – Zumanity and KA.

Oh wait, I must make a disclaimer, I totally love my new job too! It has been a blast meeting fellow colleagues from different offices and learning a lot about the newly launched Yahoo! Go 3.0.

I was planning to post a day by day CES (personal) updates in this blog but I was so busy and I only had chance to walk around the other exhibiting booths yesterday. The pictures I took will have to go into flickr once I get home. I am sure many bloggers and media covered everything that is interesting this year. I personally am quite wowed by the new ultra big, thin and sleek LCD screens.

I am heading back to San Francisco tomorrow, then the long flight home the next day. I love SF (except for the really wet weather last week). Shopping is really great in SF.


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