Nokia 14Days

With my new job role (at Yahoo!) focusing on the mobile industry, I have been spending my time trying to find out anything and everything about mobile.

I came across this interesting article in MarketingWeb, mentioning the following stats:-

With an estimated 240 million wireless subscribers in the US, mobile is already a US$350-billion sector. According to Nielsen Mobile:

  • 32 million use their phones to go online
  • 70% send or receive text messages
  • 41% percent use their wireless devices to send photos

The article also wrote:-

…… The old media broadcast model is dying
The idea of a media-consuming public that sits passively in front of a TV set is fast being replaced by a vibrant, active community of shared upstream content providers.

With the mobile phones being very much integrated into our daily lifestyle, it is no wonder that Nokia, the mobile phone maker recently launched its first ever video podcast (titled 14Days to signify the frequency of each episode) for its Nseries phone devices to ensure they stay top of mind amongst the consumers.


Thanks to Brian (from Ogilvy, Singapore) who alerted me to the vodcast

Hosted by “Girl with the number 11 briefcase” in the TV game show, Deal or No Deal (Singapore), Claire Jedrek attempts to show viewers how to take your mobile device (to be more specific – your Nokia Nseries handset) to the next level in each episode of 14Days.

The 14Days vodcast was conceptualised by Ogilvy, created by The Creative Room and produced by Nokia. All viewers have to do is to watch it online, download it to your mobile device or subscribe to it with an RSS feed.

I’ve just downloaded the latest episode into my new video iPod and of course, you can put them into any Nseries devices which I am planning to get one – the N95!! (featured in the pilot episode of the vodcast series).

Bloggers such as DK and Su Yuen who had seen the first episode think that the tips and tricks for the N95 were too “far fetched” and not “particularly interesting” The latest episode titled “VPL” was a let-down for me. After watching the episode, I was wondering “uh, where are the promised nifty ideas to push technology to the next level?” Well, the key message for the N76 is clear though – it’s a chick phone!

I thought the second episode, titled “Heroes” was quite cool, with Claire and a local blogger, teaching viewers how to freeze time and teleport at will with the Nokia N93i.

Brian was sharing with me that one of the main draws about the Nseries phones is that they are multimedia convergent devices, hence having vodcasts such as 14Days pushed the envelope in terms of showcasing the mobile convergence, the connectivity of the phone as well as accessing high quality multimedia while on the go.

This move (the creation of the vodcast) attempts to show the power and potential of the Nseries range, and also hopes to increase adoption and promotion of podcast and vodcast technology.

I am keen to find out what is the pick-up/ download statistics of the vodcast at the end of its series. It will also be interesting (as Su Yuen mentioned in her post) to see some user generated content, spinning off from the vodcast series. As the article in MarketingWeb mentioned, the next big trend is to see how social networking works on mobile.


10 thoughts on “Nokia 14Days

  1. Yes, convergence is the buzzword. Some of the newer handsets nowadays come with web 2.0 features such as photoblogging and YouTube sharing. Nokia is heading in the right direction and they have a huge edge over their competitors. Though for some weird reason, I personally dislike the tagline for the N series (”It’s what computers have become”), it’s just stretching the envelope abit too much. Especially so when some of the models eg. N76 seem to be stricken with firmware and hardware issues.

    Check out this new startup I came across last month, I think it has the potential to become very popular ->

  2. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw ep3. It was so bad, I almost wanted to delete the blog entry that I wrote on 14days.

    Hope they do a better job for ep4.

  3. woww.. i was at the shoot for episode 3, haha.. poor DK, having to look out for VPLs. i’m sure Nokia is doing their best, and will be taking all comments on board! the important thing is they’ve started vodcasting, not many brands are doing that in Singapore, so yeah, hopefully the next ones are better -)

  4. Yes, Brian…I don’t remember seeing many vodcast or podcast done by brands (localised for local market). I am a podcast addict (addicted to iTunes), especially now that I figured out how to put my Youtube videos into my new video ipod! Then again, we watch / download podcasst that are produced in other countries too.

    It’s interesting to now consider how much localisation should brands do for different markets (should they want to produce vod/podcast). Maybe it helps to choose interesting locations for shoots, then at least ppl in other countries get to see the Singapore’s bright sunshine and nice greeneries. ha. (am sure ppl like Kevin, stuck in cold snowy places would love to watch that).

    Looking forward to more interesting episodes.

  5. Perhaps they should make localisation a competition… Put up a Swedish (where Nokia is from?) version and get users around the world to come up with their own local versions… Winners get a prize and their podcasts loaded on the 14days website? Just a thought…

  6. @Matthew and Pristan: yeah, it would be a great way to encourage user-generated content -) although, i think a lot of mechanics also revolve around “competition”

    i don’t want to make a new wheel if the current one ain’t broken.. but is it just me? or are there a lot of competitions out there.. because as PR practitioners, we think its a great way to illicit a response from the public?

    i’d love to hear many more thoughts -)

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