Information Deficiency

I woke up today, determined to go out and buy that big luggage that I need to use to drag all my stuff to Las Vegas (for the CES 08) in Jan. Jon said, “but don’t you already have a few luggages?”. Yes, I do but I need a bigger one! I have to pack in my clothes, the thick jackets and erm BOOKS and magazines.


Yes, a few books. Not for work but for reading on the flight.

I found out this morning from my good friend, the brilliant producer and news anchor for Channel News Asia, Timothy Go that this annoying habit is called In-Flight Information Deficiency. Tim wrote,

This is someone who, before and during a flight, has a fear of not having enough to read on board a flight, no matter how short or long.

Although I seldom read on board the plane, because I get motion sickness and the pills I take before the flight makes me drowsy and I fall asleep. BUT, I still worry that I do not have  enough things to do on the plane. The flight to Vegas is at least 16 hours and I am already panicking about which books to drag along.


But I think, my problem continues even after the flight. I constantly worry about, “What if I finish reading the books i brought along… 😦 and have nothing to do at the hotel?”

It gets worse if I am on holiday, to stop me from worrying, Jon will volunteer to bring more books in his luggage for me.

Ok! Time to go out now to buy luggage.


7 thoughts on “Information Deficiency

  1. I think your general notion of “In-Flight Information Deficiency” applies to what I used to see as “hostage time”, that is the period that you physically have to be in one place, but mentally wish to in another (thus the crafty moniker).

    This mostly applies to waiting in line, where the addiction comes in the form taking out your iPod, Blackberry, and what not simply to make sure that you are using the time personally and productively.

  2. That’s true too, Kevin. I am quite dependent on my iPods. I’m not that addicted to Blackberry YET but with more traveling now, it might just be a “must-bring-along” item soon!

    Come to think of it, I should start investing in some sort of ebook reader. It might be easier to bring that than 5 books!

  3. Going to the Gambling capital of the world huh? *envious*

    I was there on a road-trip when I was based in the U.S. Still enamoured by the bright glizzy lights and the multiple-themed hotels. Which hotel are you staying at?

    Be nice to your bum and stretch your knees during the 16 x 2 hrs flight. Godspeed!

  4. hey hey, is that my dear old friend? nice to see you at my blog. I am worried that Vegas & SF are gonna be really cold.

    Not sure where I am staying at yet. The good folks at the US office is arranging for me.

    Tell me about it! 16 hrs’ x 2 flights – not funny. When are we going to eventually have dinner? 🙂

  5. Haha…. sounds like me whenever I go travelling and the end result – as my wife would say – is that I end up totally not touching any of the books I brought. Honestly, if you are travelling to Las Vegas for work purposes, it may not be such a great idea to bring a serious business oriented tome there. Perhaps something more lighthearted yet absorbing would be good. Lately, I have been reading more psychological and life motivational stuff and less of marketing and 2.0-ish materials.

  6. Jason, I’ve not been there, so, shall tell you after I get back. 🙂

    Walter, you are right! I was planning to bring only one book. I’ll be busy working and if not, busy shopping, watching Cirque shows, etc. ha.

    I recently picked up this amazing book – a biography of Nikola Tesla. I shall blog about it later.

    There were times that I managed to finish 4 books at a holiday – it was a beach resort and it happened to be monsoon season and rained throughout my holiday, so I did nothing but eat, sleep, read books.

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