Hosay Lah! Time to rekindle old interests

Hosay Lah! where “Hosay” (in Hokkien) means Good! And very good indeed was last evening’s event at The Substation, celebrating their 10th Anniversary of Moving Images.

(left): we all sat in the little theatre -old school style without air con but very excited
(middle): the crowd flooding the entrance of The Substation, eating, mingling and chatting with the film makers
(right): Jacen Tan and Jon

Jon and I went to support Jacen Tan’s latest film, Zo Hee (Hokkien for making movies), under his hosaywood production. Jacen and Jon were ex-colleagues and I was just there to rekindle my old interest in films and the arts. Not many people know that I actually first graduated in designs, spending a year plus studying films and photography. Some ex design school/classmates included the now renowned film maker, Royston Tan (a year, my senior), the highly talented Victric Thng (my ex-classmate) and Randy Ang (ex-classmate – we recently found each other again on Facebook). Well, I moved on to do other stuff and these guys are obviously doing really well and coming up with great, creative works that make Singapore proud.

Back to Jacen. I was really impressed with his latest two short films (Zo Gang, and its sequel, Zo Hee). Definitely not filmed with a huge production budget but they captured local culture, flavour, lots of humour and clever script. Jon also appeared in a short section as the Ang Moh busker. I asked Jacen, when is the next film coming up and he said, “hmm.. need to take a break!”

So, while we wait for Jacen to take his break, enjoy the film I am attaching below. More of Jacen’s work can be found on YouTube and hosaywood.com

From 7 to 10 December, 5 to 10pm, people who are interested to support or take a look at what some of our local film talents had put together, pop down to The Substation, admission is free! You can also show your support by donating (any amount)!

For more interesting local film stuff, check out this real cool site – www.sinema.com or join the facebook group to be updated with the latest news.


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