Interesting reads about PR

My recent favourite picks/ reads about Public Relations:-

100 PR blog links
Brendan Cooper who was formally a “ghost blogger” has recently changed his blog link and told us his name (but not the company he works in). Brendan puts together a nice list of PR blogs. I have randomly read a few and I am still browsing through the rest. There are some really good PR blogs out there.

How to manage your clients
Spun off from my last post about ridiculous clients, Walter wrote a useful post (from a client’s point of view) on how PR agencies should manage their clients.

Community Managers VS PR Managers
I have been reading about what community managers are doing for their products/ companies. I am interested to find the differences/ similarities between the community managers and the PR/ communications managers, especially now that PR people are expected to be savvy with the communities and the new media etc. Jeremiah Owyang wrote an informative post about The Four Tenets of the Community manager. He also led me to one of his older post for reference.

The new marketplace
Jon just ordered a new book (Now is gone) for me from Amazon. Written by Geoff Livingston & Brian Solis, the book aims to help businesses embrace Social Media intelligently. Check out Geoff’s latest post about The Public Relations Long Tail.

Like Geoff, I am not convinced that social media will replace traditional media completely. As I mentioned in some of my earlier posts, I believe that the two should be working hand in hand, complementing each other in an integrated environment to meet the communications/ marketing objectives.

Finally, an irrelevant and rather funny sign board Jon and I saw outside our hotel (near a construction site) few days ago when we were in Bali.



1 thought on “Interesting reads about PR

  1. Hey Pris thanks for the links. As you suggested, I have just penned and published a post on how clients should manage their agency reps. 🙂

    Went to the PowerPR Index and was pleased that at least Melvin, yourself and I are on that list. Of course Steve Rubel’s Micro Persuasion is numero uno on the list which isn’t surprising considering how much value he dishes out with each post.

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