Final chapter of the library@orchard

This is my last post about the library@orchard. Tomorrow, the library will be officially closed after the Moving On party. Unfortunately, I will not be in Singapore to attend the event. Hopefully, the other citizen bloggers will take some memorable pictures of the last hours of the library.

Here are some images that Jon and I took last couple of weeks:-



It is definitely a really cool, boutique-styled library that I will miss.


I was checking out the talented group – The Novelties that had a gig at the library@orchard two weeks ago. They are a group of friends, currently studying at the Singapore Management University (SMU). Cheryl, the cute lead singer could do a real good rendition of Cranberries and she commented that it is very sad that the library@orchard will be gone. The group was pleasantly surprised at the crowd that gathered to cheer them on during the performance at the library.


I had to include this interesting picture of this group of girls who gathered at the library not to study or read but they sat at a little corner, enjoying the performance and folding little paper cranes. I was intrigued!

When asked what the girls think about the closing of the library, they were all teary … (ok, I am joking). They all thought, “it was unfortunate that such a nice library has to go very soon.”

“It has a great set-up, especially a special center stage for nice and free performances. This library also stocked up great selection of books and has nice librarians!” they added.

Another person I spoke with was a French gentleman who requested not to mention his name or include his photo. He stays near Orchard Road and is a big fan of the library. He has the following comments, “This is a really stylishly designed and 95% of the time, I can find the books I came to look for. It is definitely sad that it’ll be gone. Where & when is the new library opening?”

The library will re-open in 2010 in two re-incarnations – as library@*scape, a youth community space and as library@orchard at a redeveloped site along Orchard Road, according to the official press release.

So, there! I guess, this is Bye bye library@orchard.

Jon and my “final words” — “It is a shame to see you go. We wish we had known you better…”

8 thoughts on “Final chapter of the library@orchard

  1. I used to go there quite frequently when I was erm, younger when I was quite an avid reader then. Well I remember always having problem finding a seat cos all the cozy spots at the reading nooks or seats beside the glass panels are always occupied. I hope they built a similar place soon. The main Library at Bras Basah is too big and “cold”.

  2. Stan, what happened when you grow older and no more avid reader? ha. The trick is go early early on Saturday morning. Somehow, I shared your thoughts about the national library. I was just there last week, managed to find some books but it feels weird there. Guess, some of the community libraries are more cosy and nice.

    See Ivan up there on the first comment? He’s the person you should feedback to! 🙂

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  4. Hey there!
    my friend actually stumbled onto this blog and passed the link to me. I’m Karl, the leader for the band (: and i would just like to thank you for mentioning us here 😀


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