Our iPods Collection

Jon and I got a new iPod each today. I got the new iPod Classic in gorgeous silver and he got the nano.

We are so addicted to buying new iPods every year, on top of the Macs that he kept changing every other year. We are starting to believe, we have developed some obsessive compulsive (Apple) buying behavior.

Ben Koe wrote about his thoughts about Apple and its brand promise, while he believes that he is objective when it comes to technoloy, I am totally bias when it comes to Apple. Since I was 17 and started using Macs, I’ve not found any Apple products that I really dislike.

Check out our iPods (the missing one is the mini that’s currently with my brother) from old bulky one to the latest new sleek one.


Remember those first generation iPod? It didn’t know how to work with Windows, and was FireWire-only at first.



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