1,2,3,4,5.. I can count the times I’ve been there

library@orchard (pt 1)

I have not been writing much lately (the last post was written 31st October) although I’ve been replying people who dropped their comments. I’ve been trying to finish up various events in my current company, take a break and start my new job! Thank you all my dear friends and blog readers who sent me emails, IMs, messages on Facebook to check on me. Well, the blog is still here and I am still writing!

In the midst of all the madness at work, I signed up as Citizen Reporter with the National Library Board to write ANYTHING about the library@Orchard that is scheduled to close down end of this month. Ivan Chew , the rambling librarian alerted me to the library’s initiative to encourage bloggers as well as library- goers to contribute our thoughts and document any pictures/ videos as we move into the final weeks of the library.

I love books, I am addicted to buying books (my mum called me the book shopaholic). I love reading and I am about to request for a new room to store just my books in the new house. However, while many of the citizen reporters wrote about how they love the library@orchard and how they would miss it, I have to admit that, given my mad working schedule, I seldom have the luxury of time to browse and spend time at the library.

I used to spend most of my weekends (and even birthdays) at the libraries. Favourite libraries were the ones at Bedok, Marine Parade, Geylang East and the old National Library. The stylishly designed library@orchard is positioned as the first niche public library in Singapore with a lifestyle concept and focused on providing collections and services targeted at young adults between age 18-35.

I am dutifully visiting the library@Orchard this weekend to capture any interesting things I can find there! Jonathan is going with me and I know he’s going to be stuck at the graphic novel/ comics section while I attempt to bug the librarians and whoever I can speak with to find out more.

Watch this space in the next 2 weeks for more updates about the library@Orchard!

Meantime, while waiting for my next post, check out what other bloggers wrote about the library:-

On a side note, I think it’s a nice (Library 2.0) initiative to invite various local bloggers and book lovers to document the last moments of the library@orchard.


8 thoughts on “1,2,3,4,5.. I can count the times I’ve been there

  1. I love reading books too! (explained why I wrote one myself too I guess…) Used to be a library@orchard fan when I was slightly younger. Borrowed many Jeffrey Archers’ books there haha 🙂

    Looking forward to what you’ve got to say about this fabulous reading place…

  2. hallo,

    look fwd to mtg u on Sat! btw, tis a pity u’re away but just tot i’d let u know tt we are still accepting rsvps for our closing party (Nov 30) and it’s open to the public at large, just have to register w us. So if u have any friends that would like to come, can just drop us a note at occl@nlb.gov.sg
    More details at this link

  3. Jillian, I’ll ask around to see if my friends who love the library would like to attend. 🙂 See you on Sat.

    Kloudiia: I read Jeffrey Archers too!! Great to find another book lover!

  4. I still do borrow lots of books from the library which has a great collection. What’s neat is that they sometimes have more obscure and “out-of-stock” titles which you can’t find in bookshops anymore. A common trip for me at Ngee Ann City was to visit both Kinokuniya (another great hangout) and the Library@Orchard on the same day. Both have their different charms and uses, plus of course the coffee which makes the experiences especially engaging!

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