Blog Action Day – Look Great Saving the Environment

Last month, I signed up at the Blog Action Day to join some 16000 over bloggers worldwide to blog about any environmental issue on the 15 October 2007. This definitely makes an interesting case study on an idea that uses the blogsphere and the social media tool to create awareness of a worthy initiative. The publicity it garners so far – all i can say is – brilliant!

Some top blogs such as the dailyblogtips and lifehacker faithfully posted tips, opinions, stories, videos about the environment. One of my favourite posts comes from Rohit Bhargava on 7 tips on eating differently to impact climate

A few months back, major departmental stores and retail places in Singapore also started to encourage consumers to go with reusable bags instead of the usual plastic bags. I collected a couple of them and tried my best to remind myself to bring them out on grocery trips.

Fashion designers and brands are also doing their part, designing bags that are reusable and environmental friendly as well. Here are some real cool (but expensive) ones – for those fashion savvy folks who want to look great while saving the environment.

Check out the Stella McCartney’s Environmental bag

Hermes Silky Pop bag, made of hand-wrought silk

And the famous Anya Hindmarch’s “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” environmental shopping bag


For those who are artistically inclined and want something that is uniquely yours, here’s a How-To: Make Your Own Reusable Bag!

On a side note, since we are on the topic of environmental issues, I am a supporter of the paperless office concept. Offices should all work towards that, it is possible – it takes discipline, digital tools and understanding.

Anyway, to the people behind BlogActionDay – WELL DONE! Really a great initiative and a great topic this year!


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