Save the “cheerleader”, save the world

Ok, maybe not so much saving the world, but here’s the story…

A very good friend of mine, Kevin Lim (usually known as theory.isthereason) who has been a great “cheerleader” in my life lately is currently a finalist for a blogging scholarship of USD$10,000.

He’s currently based in Buffalo, doing his PhD program. You can check out his very cool blog at:- and the campaign video he shot of himself.

If he wins, he’ll be inviting friends to help him decide what to do with the money. He’s crowdsourcing for ideas for a worthy cause e.g. Saving Burma, Creative Commons, Space travel for all, etc) or to grow the capital (e.g. investing in a startup, high-yield savings account, etc).

So, it’s saving the world afterall (to some extend)!

To vote:
1. Go to
2. Pick “Kevin Lim” (bottom of the list)
3. Press the “Vote” button.

For Singaporeans, c’mon, support your fellow Singaporean with just a simple click. He’s up against some stiff competition and hey honestly, he is doing some real cool stuff. Just go check him out.

For my other blog friends who are reading this blog, do take a look and judge for yourself!


6 thoughts on “Save the “cheerleader”, save the world

  1. Thanks Priscilla! You’ve been a great cheerleader to me too. This is all in good fun to see how far I can go head-to-head with the other top 19 U.S. college bloggers.

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