A decent event @ Popout! 2007

Being a professional PR person who spent a lot of my time organising big events, I must say the folks at The DigitalMovement (TDM) put together a decent event last Thursday evening. The success of an event often lies in the quality of its speakers and the audiences. The other element is what i called – “style”.

I can’t say there was alot of “style” at PopOut! (an event aimed at engaging the community, students, technopreneur, venture capitalist and startups interested in the web2.0 services) but there were definitely some good presenters and a bunch of “geeky” but fun and savvy audiences. The content was pretty good too – informative and some great insights into a few cool start-ups with inspiring stories and products to tell.

What wowed the crowd and ME was Herryanto Siatono, the creator of BookJetty. The simple fact that it was books related caught my attention. In fact, it was the reason why I decided to pop down to the event. I briefly mentioned BookJetty in one of my previous post when I was comparing social book sites and what is really cool about bookjetty is the SMS service that allows users to receive SMS about details of the book they are looking for in the libraries.

TheMediaSlut wrote a more detailed post about Herry’s points.

And I signed up at BookJetty this morning. I just have to keep updating my ever-growing booklists.


The other presentation that I enjoyed was by Gen Kanai, director of marketing and partner relations, Mozilla Japan who gave a preview on Firefox 3.0 – way cool!

Check out some of the cool features at Claudia’s blog

Ross from Bezurk did a rather interesting presentation, giving quite a bit of insights and tips to entrepreneurs. I thought that was great, instead of just shouting your own products.

The other few presentations –ZopIM , Quaffs and Recruit.net, I didn’t really get what they were talking about. Perhaps I was not the target audience or maybe my anti-biotic pills were kicking in by then, making me really drowsy (yes, I was not feeling very well that night and spent the next whole day in bed with a fever).

Lastly, I did make some new friends at the event and caught up with some “old” ones. Said bye bye to Bjorn Lee (who had been my lunch “date” for a while) and now he is in Beijing, on a new job – awesome! Managed to meet up with new friends whom I chatted and blogged with online – Darryl Kang, Brian Koh and Coleman Yee. Nice to be able to put faces to the names.


12 thoughts on “A decent event @ Popout! 2007

  1. Thanks for the write-up. Ahhh.. I missed it as there were several things going on that night. Well, I feel that such events are probably better for the friendship, camaraderie and networking than actual content. Hope that the technopreneurs unveiled that night will succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

  2. hey Priscilla! Thanks for popping by! I saw you that day, and really wanted to say HI, but you seemed engrossed with your “lunch date”… hahaha.

  3. Peter – I know who Andrew is but we have not introduced ourselves. Should i?

    HighwayBlogger – thanks for popping by the blog too. It was a good event (wished i had feel better to mingle a bit more and get to know more folks)

    Walter – Hope your other events were happening!! We’ll do our drinks session soon again?

    DK – Brian sat on my left throughout the presentations. Sorry, I should have introduced, i lost him half way. heh

    Ming Yeow – I wanted to say HI too!!! You were a busy guy yourself! ok, let’s make it a point to at least say HI the next round!

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  5. and yes… wanted to ask you. i felt that you delivered a very very accurate assessment of the event. generally good organization and presenters, but style was missing. we typically do other funky things during events, like live chats, round tables, etc. We opted not for those this time round, just to keep thingd simple. Do you tink those would have helped the style? Do you have any suggestions?

  6. Ming Yeow – i normally charge per hour rate for consultation. but for you, half price. *grins*. kidding…

    I went for BlogOut too.. i prefer PopOut alot more. Let’s take this “offline”. Will drop you a separate note later.

    Herry, i am now dilligently adding the books (slowly though) onto my bookjetty account!

    DK, bf’s non-asian lah. Is your office nearby shenton way? if it is, you can meet me and Brian for lunch.

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