29 Sept 07: This week’s highlights

A couple of readers of this blog told me that they enjoyed my posts on the weekend highlights, probably because they are shorter than my usual long posts on various topics.

So, for this weekend, here they are:-


Beside tracking technology, social and new media news, my RSS aggregator is full of fashion and design blog feeds – I do love fashion.

So, when I went to the mall today and saw the Kenzo Ryoko fragrance Collection, couldn’t resist mentioning it here.

Anyone would have mistaken the unconventional Ryoko “bottle” for a pretty computer mouse. The palm-sized “bottle” is sleek and the collection comes in a range of candy colours and moods! Irresistible!

And yes, ok, I bought one. (PS: available for both men and women).


The friendly ghost, a copywriter in tech PR wrote:-

I know there’s an argument that ‘non-technical’ people (whatever that means) might be better at tech PR because they get a new, fresh angle on what’s good about it, and the mechanics of PR should operate no matter what specialism you adopt.

But I do think there are often astonishing gaps in people’s knowledge which, to my mind, put them below the bar for truly grasping what they’re actually supposed to be talking about.

The question here is, whether or not PR folks who are handling tech products, clients or companies should at least have a certain amount of technical knowledge in order to be able to talk sense when communicating to media and audiences. I’ve given my thoughts in his post, what do you think?


Shortly after releasing The Dip – a book that I really enjoyed, Godin is going to launch his next book in a couple of months time. The new book, titled Meatball Sundae “is going to be focusing on Internet and new marketing and the fourteen trends that change everything.”

For those folks who enjoys his book ad can’t wait for the next one to launch, Godin is going to publish a thought piece from the book every Monday for the next few months on his blog. Check it out!

Last week, my colleague, Wei gave me a book – Asian Brand Strategy and autographed by Martin Roll when he was last in Singapore for the Global Brand Forum.

Soon, I’ll need not only a new bookshelf but a new room to accommodate my fast-growing collection of books. And yes, I do read silly chick lits, literatures/ novels and other non-“business/ communications/ PR” books.


2 thoughts on “29 Sept 07: This week’s highlights

  1. There will always be two sides to any argument.

    I suppose which side you take then depends on which publication we’re talking about because the last thing you want is to sound like telephone conversations between computer helpdesk staff and computer idiots on the other end of the line. (Then again, such articles may give comfort and assurance to the not too tech-literate among us!)

    From the PR perspective, I would still go with the age old belief that a good PR person should know the industry of his client. It is only through such knowledge and understanding that he would be better able to assess and evaluate the threats and opportunities accurately.

    If then there is a need to repackage the resulting article to reach a less tech-savvy audience, then he should be able to ‘pitch down’ to reach them.

    I do not think the existence of such an audience and the need to connect with them is an excuse to be ignorant about the industry. Worse, to disguise the lack of knowledge in the name of giving ‘a fresh perspective’ to a given issue.

    If a client has to be forced to use a less tech-savvy PR person in order to get new ideas and the fresh perspective, then does it really does say something about the kind of creative they are getting from the tech PR now?

  2. Recently I was talking to some top executives in some tech companies and they are looking for consumer PR folks to help draw up consumer PR campaigns to target both consumers and NON-tech media.

    Although i agree that a good consultant should be able to “almost every account”, there are alot of us who “specialised” or spend alot more time and have more experience in certain “types” of PR.

    Here, i am not just talking about pitching stories. I am talking about drawing up sustainable consumer campaigns.

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