Future phones, and no it’s not an iPhone

This post is going to side-track a little from the usual PR/ New media topics and take a quick look at some really cool “phone” designs (and No, it’s not about iPods, iPhones or the touch).

Recently, I have been searching on mobile related topics – it’s a growing market (the whole bringing online content and social networking into mobile phones)! I was speaking with Jason Coates, Senior Comms Manager of Yahoo! SEA, and he was telling me about the explosive growth and opportunities in mobile development (especially in the Asia markets), usage and what users can now do on their phones nowadays. In August issue of Marketing Magazine, it also mentions that the global mobile advertising market will rise to S$17.13billion in 2011.

With Steve Job’s recent announcement on iPhone, new iPod touch, the mobile market is going to explode into alot of opportunities for marketers and users. Again, I am not going to go into details into the mobile research.

What I am highlighting today is six amazing FUTURE PHONES (that are not exactly phones) – developed by product design students at the University of Dundee’s College of Art, Science and Engineering. The brief was to create “Phones to support intimacy and sensuality.” Got the lead to this from Kevin Roberts’ latest post. Thought they are pretty cool.
The above is called the m:ssage handset, built to send soothing massage at anytime, to a loved one, anywhere in the world.

The Aware is created to allow communication between people on their personalised network. When someone on your network is nearby, the leds will pulse and send tingling down the users spine from the vibrators down to the back. (targeted at teens).


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