Three interesting posts for today

Three quick interesting posts I picked out for the day-

1) Steve Rubel thinks Geek Marketers are the next BIG thing! And I can see that happening, even in the little island here in Singapore. I know of a few such people here who fit the role Steve described, perfectly.

2) Next, I read with interest, the news of Kit Chan (yes, our local songbird/ celebrity) joining global PR agency, Hill & Knowlton as campaign strategist. It is an interesting move for Kit (am not sure of her experience in marketing/ public relations) and some wonder if it’s just a publicity stunt of H&K. However, as I mentioned in my last post, it could be a case of having someone who might not have all the necessary experience in a job but has great creativity and definitely – INFLUENCE. Again, interesting move for both!

3) Well, this is not interesting – this is GORGEOUS AND BRILLIANT! Apple’s “The Beat Goes On” event, announcing the new and coolest Apple products like a brand new iPod nano with video *gasp* and the iPod touch *double gasp*.


6 thoughts on “Three interesting posts for today

  1. Marketing Geeks? Whatever they wanted to call it it’s happening profitably. Others have made a publicly listed firms and are still hungrier for a bigger share in the digital environment…

  2. I’m very curious to know why H&K hired Kit. We all know that she’s an established singer in her own right, but I wonder what kind of relevant experience does she have in PR campaign management? It’ll be interesting to follow how this will work out for her.

    PS. I am so craving for the iPod touch. *drools*

  3. Not so sure how much creativity and influence Kit Chan can bring into H&K… Would you award the contract to a company simply because they bothered to send their well-known local celebrity songbird to the pitch? Hmm… Then again…

    But seriously, I hear people commenting about how the PR industry seems like an anyone-can-join-without-any-formal-training kind of career. It’s kinda demeaning, the same way people used to say “if you can’t find any other decent job, teach” until MOE stepped in and propped up our teachers’ battered image. (Not that it helped much…)

    And it REALLY doesn’t do the image of the PR practice any good that for the most part of the interview (or at least in the one I read), she talks more about frivolous stuff like stocking up her wardrobe for her new job than anything else.

    Come on, don’t make it sound like PR is mostly about dressing well and looking good. Yes, that’s very important, but there’s definitely more to it than what you wear to work (and clients’ pitches, if I may add…)!

  4. I completely agree with you, Matthew!! There are some of us who did put in many years of education to understand the concepts of communications and public relations and then spend more years practising it and improving on it.

    It takes someone with the right attitude, right amount of EQ, management skills, understanding of journalism, writing skills and some of us are required to understand business strategies and be a multi-tasker as well. It definitely takes more than just a pretty face (or clothes) to be a great professional PR consultant.

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