What I am reading and listening to

Sometimes, I marvel at how people connect via various social networks. As of now, I have signed myself up for various services, tried various beta products and stayed on a few great ones. Thanks to Melvin Yuan who first introduced me to Twitter, I am quite addicted to it now.

Facebook, as everyone knows is totally cool. I found ex-bosses, ex-colleagues, old classmates, media friends and even got to know some new ones. I’m also chatting with and learning from some great people at Mashable and finally,del.icio.us is a great tool that I’ve been using.

I tried Pownce but I am not quite sure I am having much fun with it. And since one of my clients, recently launched its social networking platform, VelvetPuffin, I am sharing it here.

While I am exploring the new media tools, I also came across some really great blogs and podcasts that I thought I should share with whoever is reading my blog.

So, here are some personal favourites:-


The New Comm Road
I found Bryan Persons’ podcast after reading his blog that I found via Mitch Joel’s . The podcast focuses mostly on how new media tools are changing communication in business, in the media, and in our everyday lives. Bryan also interviews different experts in the media, marketing and technology fields to share their great insights with listeners.

I’ve been listening to Bryan’s podcast for a few weeks now. For those who are new to the new media and social media spaces, this is a great podcast to start. For those who are “experts”, check it out and share your views!

What is great about Bryan and his podcast – he takes the effort to put up great show notes to share with readers/ listeners. His show notes are very detailed and you’ll find all the links and materials mentioned in each episode.


Well, since I am in public relations and currently exploring the new social networks and shifts in the media space, beside the “usual suspects’ blogs” that everyone is reading, I go to two great blogs quite often:-

The first one is David Meerman Scott’s blog at Web Ink Now.

I’ve read David’s book, The New Rules of Marketing & PR, which I mentioned in my last blog post . His blog has interesting topics on new media, social networking, business and marketing tips, recommended books etc.

The next blog that I really enjoy is Brian Solis’ PR 2.0 – Silicon Valley. Brian is the principal of an award-winning PR agency in Silicon Valley. Great topics and great insights on everything PR and media.

Finally, the last 5 days, I’ve been listening to Mitch Joel’s podcast on Six Pixels of Separation. Believe Mitch is writing a book on the same topic. I got to know Mitch when he was last down in Singapore, as speaker at a New Media Conference. I was really impressed with his presentation and have been “following” him on twitter and reading his blog.

So, there you go! Please feel free to share any good blogs and podcasts you know of on similar topics.


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