It’s Live – Intrigued by Ustream

Television has alway been considered as one of the most effective medium for companies and even the government to get messages out to the masses.

Live TV is not a new concept. We watched the recent National Day Parade Live as well as the the various talent shows or sports events Live. Audience often hungers for THE REAL THING, without the censors, the edited or the rehearsed.

Recently, I was introduced to that allows anyone with a PC, an internet connection and a webcam to broadcast themselves or anything they wish to show the world. Basically, Ustream allows you to create your own real-time video, almost anywhere.

As I watched a couple of people who put together video broadcasts, like the popular, I can’t help but remember one of my favourite films, The Truman Show whereby Truman’s every move (almost) is watched by millions of viewers around the world.

While Truman was not aware of hundreds of cameras planted around him in a “make-believe” world, what people like Justin do is to deliberatey make their lives exposed to the global audience.

I honestly am highly intrigued. Closer to home, my close friend Kevin Lim has been putting his life up on boardcast, 24/7. He is currently based in US, Buffalo, completing his PHD. If you log on to his blog, towards the right, you’ll find his Ustream feed. Right now, as I am typing this, my other PC is playing LIVE feed of Kevin staring at his computer screen. Another few more hours, the world can see Kevin sleep.

Kevin also brought his video cam outdoor to show the world, his life and his world in US.

In an informal chat session I had with Kevin, I asked him why does he and the others who are showing the world their lives see a need for that. Kevin sees this as an experiment and cited reasons such as “if i happen to have heart attack here, at least someone knows.” He also thinks that this is a way of him connecting with the world since he’s mostly alone, trying to finish his papers. The need to constantly knowing that others are around, watching him and being “there” is a great comfort.

We did a video on the short Q&A. See Viddler Blog on the video chat


I read this interesting piece written by Allen Stern questioning if there really is a need to be constantly connected and here’s his interesting quote:

Maybe I am right and all of these live shows are just a fad and people will remember that not everything needs to be televised. Or maybe I am wrong and this is the new TV

For me, now I am just highly intrigued and will continue watching those who wants to be seen. The one obvious benefit for me is to “see” people I am close to, who are far away 24/7.


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