The Affair with Bloggers

While many PR agencies in countries like the US have been including bloggers outreach in their Marketing and Communications plans. (The Nokia Nseries Blogger Relations Programme is a good example). I’ve noticed that not many agencies in Singapore are doing that. There are some who do and do it really well but there are many others who do not seem to realise the shift in media.

Brian Solis wrote that PR 2.0 is defined by the evolution of industry practices forced by the shift, and the process, of influence …

One interesting thing I noticed from my recent discussions with several local bloggers about a particular client is that there is a significant difference between talking to a journalist and a blogger. Typically, PR consultants send pitch notes and explore story angles with a particular media, the media either agree to include a write-up (or not) in his/ her column, they seldom invest time to DISCUSS topics and issues with you.

With bloggers, you are often talking to a thought/opinion leader who is often quite open to ideas and willing to provide feedback and discuss industry issues, especially when you are able to single out one who blogs about topics relevant to what your client or company does. 

Bloggers, like traditional media are also often looking for interesting content for their blogs. I believe bloggers should start talking to more PR folks, we are the people with alot of content as we usually have many different clients and PR professionals should get out and start listening, talking and engaging this group of influencers.

I am not saying here that PR professionals should forget about traditional media and get all excited about the new. I am saying, the ability to combine our skills and expertise with the help of new tools to reach out to more and targeted audience should be one of the key aim of a good PR professional in this PR/ Web 2.0 age.

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9 thoughts on “The Affair with Bloggers

  1. I find your points very interesting – and from the perspective of company blogger and PR person, traditional media is very difficult to engage with…

    meanwhile the bloggersphere is filled with people writing about very specific subjects and are more likely to be interested in news that the mainstream media may overlook for its fringe appeal.

  2. Laura, the wonderful thing about blogsphere is that the news can be published almost instantly but the problem also lies in it’s too fast and hard to manage

  3. I agree with the statement “Bloggers should talking to more with PR folks” to some extent. Bloggers tend to think that PR folks should be the ones to make the first move. It’s a bit of a paradigm shift then, for bloggers to approach or get to know PR folks first. What I think also has to happen is: (1) the PR person is accessible or known, i.e. a PR person who blogs; (2) the blogger knows how the PR person can help. In practical terms, it’s more likely for the PR person to establish “first contact” (which btw, is what you did when you left a comment in my blog, heh).

  4. ha, hi Ivan. thanks for letting me know that my effort to establish “first contact” works.

    Your blog was highly recommended by several bloggers and since I love books, it makes sense to at least say Hi to the high profile librarian. 🙂

    I have nothing to “sell” or “offer” at this point as a PR blogger, but will keep reading and writing and who knows when opportunities might occur…

  5. WCM vendors (web content management) are now pushing companies to review their long established PR/marketing strategies and capitalize on web 2.0 tools. In fact more brands’ corporate blogs have sprung up use as marketing tool and defensive strategy. Blogs – generally seen as a neutral venue to listen to what people says or customer experience and gain unfiltered views good or bad. Feedback from blogs can be a valuable influence to companies operational procedures and improve products or services for customer satisfaction sometime in the past can only be attained via surveys or other research technique like mystery shopping etc. Though fake comments/reviews/ratings on blogs can be can painful especially to major brands. I believe businesses should keep monitoring blogs that contain postings with their products reviews or feedback and act appropriately.

    There’ll be no problem if companies PR guys came from online media but if not there’ll be a hard time pulling it all in – the level 2 initiatives like blogs, discussion boards, review/rating sites, social network sites, etc

    WCM/Bloggers initiatives will be very likely result in the discovery of new funds that can be invested by businesses in their web activities.

    Nice post Priscilla.

  6. btw, the idea is pregnant. why not offer services to monitor reviews/ratings for businesses? Post like “the hotel staff stole my husband shade” is damaging if not responded quickly or appropriately. I guess some hotel chains and indepent hotels are not yet onto this?

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