Digital Media – Second Life

[info]tim_gogoblog, the anchor of That's IT posted snippets of the latest episode on DIgital Media. I watched last night, simply because there was an interesting section on Second Life and ok, my two very dear friends (Tim and Kevin) were on the same episode. How bizarre. 

Back to Second Life, I recently read spreads of coverage in NewsWeek magazine (issue 30 July 2007) about it. 

Tim wrote that it was mind boggling, wondering why would a person want to create another character in an on-line world. It's like the good old Sim City that I used to be addicted to. I agree with Kevin when he said in the programme that face to face interaction can never be replaced by the online communication. But I can also see myself creating an “alter-me” – as a flashy, pink-haired (yes, short and spiky) fashion designer! Why? Because it's interesting to see how a different me will live her life. 


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