Digital Media – Second Life

[info]tim_gogoblog, the anchor of That's IT posted snippets of the latest episode on DIgital Media. I watched last night, simply because there was an interesting section on Second Life and ok, my two very dear friends (Tim and Kevin) were on the same episode. How bizarre. 

Back to Second Life, I recently read spreads of coverage in NewsWeek magazine (issue 30 July 2007) about it. 

Tim wrote that it was mind boggling, wondering why would a person want to create another character in an on-line world. It's like the good old Sim City that I used to be addicted to. I agree with Kevin when he said in the programme that face to face interaction can never be replaced by the online communication. But I can also see myself creating an “alter-me” – as a flashy, pink-haired (yes, short and spiky) fashion designer! Why? Because it's interesting to see how a different me will live her life. 

Velvet Puffin @ MashUp

I meant to write about a social networking client of mine in more details but for now, read John P. Mello (former managing editor of the Boston Business Journal)'s comments about the cool site. The young 26 years old CEO, R. Chandrasekar is current speaking at the Mashup 2007 

I shall put up more information very soon!!

Saturday with Kevin and Sunday with Yen

This weekend is really interesting and enjoyable. This entry is to remind me that I have wonderful people around me! 

Saturday with Kevin 

I have been raving about Kevin and that is simply because he is highly entertaining, very intelligent and somehow we “clicked!”. I have been rather anti-social after office hours for a few years now. I  have always rejected invites to parties, events and gatherings, so much so that people stopped asking and I am left alone. 

Anyway, I met Kevin outside Kinokuniya, Takashimaya in the afternoon and we started the day out with lots of walking (again, another unusual thing for me) in high heels, and then alot of food (now, that is common). 

There were many highlights throughout the evening. We talked about almost everything under the sun – from life, work, PR and tech industry, teaching, friends, school, books, boys and girls etc etc. I am trying to record as many things as I can remember about our conversations as Kevin is going back to US to complete his PHD. Booohooooo!! There goes another precious friend. 

What i have to remember about Kevin (beside his very nice eyes, and very smart brain) is his pretty black bagpack that is filled with unbelievable gadgets! Here's a pic to prove. I am sure they all have names but at this point, I am still in my bewildered state and not sure what each of these gadgets does. 

(yap, enough gadgets to fill up the table)

What was supposed to be a drink session ended in a half a day outing with the two of us talking non-stop till midnight. It was definitely very interesting.

The night ended with a very serious discussion about managing people. I've had advices from different people but what Kevin told me is worth thinking about. I was told, my problem lies in that i am too nice to everyone, trying to listen, help and do everything for everyone. I try to do too much and must learn to let go and believe the world will continue to spin even without me. 

You know that someone is a good friend to keep when (1) you have alot to talk about (2) you are happy after meeting the friend and (3) there are positive vibes and encouraging words throughout conversation. 

Sunday with Yen

Yen doesn’t have a blog, so, no hyperlinks. I told Kevin about Yen and then I told Yen about Kevin. I wished we have enough time to all go out together. 

Today is supposed to be our SHOPPING DAY but she just came back from Bali and I slept really late last night, woke up very early this morning for church. We were both struggling to stop yawning. 

We walked in and out of many shops, from Zara to Mango, Isetan to Takashimaya – Yen ended up with a new big bag and many many other bags of new clothes.

I bought a little black bag and an orange top from Zara. Searched high and low for the right pair of black shoes but nothing pops up. 

Lunch at Sun & Moon Japanese restaurant was really lovely!

By 6pm, we were both exhausted, sat at Coffee Club outside Kinokuniya (yes, notice the places I meet my friends, i am boringly consistent that way) and I had an amazing serving of apple crumble with ice-cream. I was too eager to eat and therefore, no pics. 

But here is one of Yen and her new bag! That pretty bag costs only $15. Jon would be pleased that we are not walking into the Gucci and Prada.